5 Cool Tournament Ideas

April 27, 2017

Here are some fresh tournament ideas from FishDonkey.

Tournament Idea #1 (My Lake/Town/School/Resort is Better than Yours)

  • Create a contest where your town challenges another town, another school, another workplace, etc.
  • Contact us for details on the best way to do this.  One suggestion is to name your city, resort or school in your profile.  Or change your avatar to that of your school mascot or your resort logo.

Tournament Idea  #2 (The Resort)

  • A Resort can use FishDonkey to run a weekly, monthly, or summer-long tournament for their guests.  They just sign up the guests when they arrive and let the FishDonkey app do everything else.  No need to mess with weigh-ins and announcements.  Let the app run the tournament for you.
  • You can run your own contingency sponsorship as well.  E.g. if a guest is wearing your resort sweatshirt in their winning photo, they win a prize.
  • The next week, just hit “Rehost” and the tournament will be all set up for you to run again.  Run it every week for your guests.

Tournament Idea #3 (The Fundraiser)

  • Create an event to raise awareness for heart disease, skin cancer, ALS, etc.
  • This can be used as a fundraiser to fund a conservation effort on your lake
  • Host an event to raise money for the girl scouts
  • Use it as a fun event to teach kids to fish

Tournament Idea #4 (The Cross-Country Challenge)

  • Have a group of friends in different parts of the state or country?  Come up with a list of common species:  e.g. largest bass, largest stringer of crappies, largest walleye, etc.  Choose as many species as you want.   Then, set up a tournament challenge and invite your friends to fish during a specified time.   Use the app to verify all catches and leaders in real time.  At the end of the challenge, the winner is the one leading in the most leaderboard categories.
  • Other cross country challenge ideas: long distance bachelor party, fraternity reunion, commemorating a loved one, national company competition

Tournament Idea #5 (Teaching Kids to Fish)

  • Make a tournament with multiple local species, in order to teach kids the various types of fish and have them enter their fish into specific species categories
  • Use a tournament with just one category (Any fish) and then use the Wild Card to determine the winners

Popular Tournament Formats

5 Popular Fishing Tournaments on the FishDonkey App

April 26, 2017

Tournament #1  (The Hawg)

  • Largest Bass
  • Largest Stringer of 5 Bass
  • Wild Card Bass


Tournament #2 (The Ice Tournament)

  • Largest Anyfish
  • Wild Card Anyfish


Tournament #3 (The Gulf Coast Slam)

  • Largest Stringer of 3 Redfish
  • Largest Stringer of 3 Trout
  • Largest Grand Slam:  Redfish, Trout, Flounder
  • Wild Card Trout


Tournament #4 (The Hunter and the Hunted)

  • Largest Northern
  • Largest Stringer of 3 Crappie
  • Largest Stringer of 3 Bluegill
  • Grand Slam:  Northern, Bluegill, Crappie
  • Wildcard Any Other Fish


Tournament #5 (Big Kitty)

  • Largest Catfish
  • Largest Stringer of 2 Catfish
  • Wildcard Catfish

10 Reasons Why it is Better to Measure Fish by Length in Fishing Tournaments!

Traditional methods of running a fishing tournament involve weighing each fish to determine the winners.   We have a better way and in this article, we provide 10 good reasons why using the length of the fish is a better solution.

10 reasons to use LENGTH to determine the winners:

  1. The length of a fish correlates well to the weight of a fish so it is a great replacement.
  2. Fish weight can be manipulated by fishermen who might cheat by stuffing bait or other items into a fishes mouth, while the length of the fish remains the same.
  3. Would you kill fish you are not going to eat?  Immediately releasing fish you don’t plan on eating is an effective way to reduce fish mortality.
  4. Keeping the largest fish caught (and the best breeders!) in a live-well and dragging them around the lake all day stresses, injures, and kills some fish.
  5. Releasing fish in a different part of the lake disorients them and it takes additional time and effort for them to get back to a location where they are safe and can feed.  Some fish, like bass, might be completely dislocated from guarding their nests.
  6. Slot limits make it illegal to keep some fish long enough to weigh them for tournament results.  Meanwhile, you can always measure and then quickly release a slot fish.  Wouldn’t it be nice to showcase a bunch of 25, 26, and 27 inch walleyes on the leader-board of your tournament?
  7. Calibrating and running the weigh stations at tournaments takes time and costs money.
  8. Smart phones and new technology by FishDonkey make it possible to measure and authenticate a catch and release digitally without having to bring the fish in to a weigh station.
  9. When determining the winners in a length tournament, you only need to verify and authenticate the results of the leaders and you don’t need a certified and calibrated weight scale.
  10. Leader-boards can be easily and almost instantly updated by using smart phones and the FishDonkey app.  (FishDonkey)   Everyone in the tournament knows when there is a new leader on the board.  There is a lot of excitement as the leaderboard changes and updates itself throughout the day.